Liu Bolin, Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

When I was in Stockholm last summer, my friend Maja and I took a hop-on, hop-off boat cruise around the islands of the city. We planned it out so that we’d end up at our ultimate destination, the photography museum Fotografiska, located on the StadsgĂ„rden seafront. We wanted to see Liu Bolin’s Hiding in the City exhibit.

Liu Bolin paints himself to camouflage into various backgrounds all over the world. He’s present in every photograph, yet not – hence his namesake, The Invisible Man. I’m not sure these photos below do justice to his work, but the life-size photo displays were astonishing.

The ones with the police officer were my fave!

The exhibit is currently at Eli Klein in New York City and runs until May 11, 2012.

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