Deflategate = Fun!

So…the Pats are big fat cheaters. No surprise there. If Deflategate did anything for me, it gave me a good laugh over the hysterical memes that came out of it.

LOL! So good.

And even though the Seahawks lost to a bunch of cheaters, I still feel like a winner. I got to watch the game with these little cutie pies!

Are little Zachary and Jakey just the cutest or what! They love their Auntie T and the 12th man shirts I brought them from Seattle.

I’d flown down to LA for the weekend to celebrate Zachary’s first birthday, and their mom Iyda – a fellow Washingtonian and my college roomie at UW – had the place all decked out in Seahawks colors. So cute! Just look at how excited Zachary is!

Iyda is one of my dearest friends, and I always love spending time with her family. They’re just the sweetest!

And might I add, I got to witness the Eritrean tradition of breaking bread on the baby’s back, and enjoy homemade Eritrean food, including my favorite: injera! (SO YUMMY!)

Unfortunately, in the middle of the game, I had to catch a flight back to Seattle. But not before Missy Elliott came out of nowhere and surprised everyone at the halftime show – gah! I nearly lost my shit. Freaking love her.

So anyway, I was in mid-flight when the game ended. Although I wasn’t connected to the outside world in any way, it didn’t take a genius to figure out we’d lost. I was flying into Sea-Tac Airport on Alaska Air – if the Seahawks had won, the pilot would’ve surely announced it. Booo.

Oh well. I still came out a winner:

  • Missy Elliott’s back.
  • Jakey and Zachary were the best darn dates to the Superbowl any girl could ask for.
  • And I have hilarious memes to laugh at (here are a few more for good measure):


Go Seahawks!

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