Best Travel Tips for London

Joolz Guides: A unique, off-the-beaten-path guide to London by my favorite English bloke!

Like most of the world, I’m stunned about the Brexit vote that took place last week.

And like my usual self, I seek the silver lining.

Sadly, the only bit of silver lining I could come up with is shrouded in darkness: the British pound dropped to its lowest levels in over 30 years. This is terrible news for financial markets…

…but it’s fantastic news for travelers!

Visiting the UK (and most of Europe) is going to be a bargain for US travelers this summer following the Brexit vote. Start booking your flights NOW.

If you can bear the political turmoil, venture on over and make sure London is on your itinerary – because have I got the BEST insider scoop for you.

Forget TripAdvisor. Forget your Lonely Planet guide. Forget Google, even.

I present to you: Joolz Guides.

This gem of a website contains bite-sized videos – about 2 minutes each – introducing you to some really cool sights in London that you won’t find in your ordinary travel guide. Joolz is a “veritable treasure trove of London lore and trivia” and he’s been my own personal London tour guide on more than one occasion.

If your travel style is anything like mine – wandering off the beaten path, meeting strange and interesting people, learning cool and quirky things, and wining/dining like a local – you’ll love Joolz Guides.

Joolz will delight you with charming oddities such as the Chewing Gum Artist of the Millennium Bridge and the Spitalfields Pancake Day Race. He’ll show you some of his favorite local hangouts and tell you stories you never knew you needed to know.

Joolz is one of my all-time favorite travelers, and also a dear, personal friend. We met while strolling Australia’s Coogee Coastal Walk in 2010, and we’ve since traveled FOUR countries in THREE continents together!

I absolutely adore my Joolzy, and I think you will too. Check out his website!

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