My 2012 Scrapbook (Food Edition)

Presenting the White Truffle at Providence

In My 2012 Scrapbook, I discussed some of the woes and welevations about my year.

What I didn’t mention was that in 2012, I also ate like a fweaking CHAMP.

You may recall me splitting my pants open after DineLA last January, or how Michael Voltaggio rocked my world, or how I stuffed my face silly with foie gras before the ban last June. Well, my gluttonous eating habits didn’t end there.

In no particular order, here are some of the dewicious dishes that dewighted my taste buds in 2012:

(And no, I have no reason for writing with a lisp. I just felt like it. Don’t worry, I’m finished.)

Blue Fin Carpaccio at Sunset Marquis
Poulet RĂ´ti at Bouchon
Caviar Cones at The Bazaar
Roasted Eggplant with Romesco at Tar & Roses
Chicharron de Queso at Loteria
Pheasant Liver Mousse at Waterloo & City
Calamar a la Plancha at Bar Pintxo
Lomo Saltado at Mario’s
Seared Foie Gras with Scallop at West
Seabass Tiradito at Picca
Cheese Plate at the Little Next Door
Brunch Carbonara at Blu Jam Cafe
Oysters a la Chalaca at Picca
Burger at Comme Ca
Truffle Tonarelli at Terroni
Tuna Tartare at Ink
Duck Breast at Ballard Inn
Paiche Amazonian Fish & Arroz at Mo Chica
Anticucho Diver Scallops at Picca
Dragon Balls at Ikemen
Grilled Wagyu Flank at The Bazaar
Foie Gras Ice Cream at Petrossian

It’s shocking I don’t weigh 800 pounds. For this, I am grateful.

For the fantastic meals and dining experiences I had last year, I am even more grateful.

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