My Dad’s 60th Birthday Video Tribute

Look, I made a video!

My dad celebrated his 60th birthday this week. It was a birthday filled with surprises.

First and foremost, my sister had flown in from California to surprise dad, and the whole family got to celebrate together! Yay!

There was extended family…there was a TON of amazing food…there was cake…there were a lot of balloons (massive ones, to boot!)…

And there was a video tribute to my dad.

Over the years, dad’s collected a mountain of handmade crafts from his three kids. He has soooo many scrapbooks from us, it’s kind of ridiculous.

So for his birthday this year, I made my dad a video instead, celebrating his extraordinary 60 years. It covers:

I can’t help it. My dad is the greatest human being in my world. He is truly an extraordinary man who’s led an extraordinary life, and I hope it shows in the video.

The mission for dad’s birthday was to make him feel sufficiently loved and celebrated, and I think we accomplished that.



This is my first time making a video like this! So much work and so much fun. It was made on Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, with a little help from Adobe PhotoShop.

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