#TBT Screech and Me

Did you see the awesome Saved By The Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon last night? Gah! My childhood!

Notably missing from the reunion were Screech and Lisa though, what a bummer! Who knows why Lisa wasn’t there, but Screech’s absence probably has something to do with having allegedly STABBED somebody a few weeks ago.

Poor guy’s fallen on some rough times. I met him in 2007, during yet another “interesting” time in Screech’s life. He’d just gone broke, was selling t-shirts on Venice Beach to save his house from foreclosure, and had just released a sex tape: Screeched – Saved By The Smell. So funny. Yet so tragic.

We were both at the AVN Expo in Vegas – Screech to promote his “film” and I to help produce a show on Playboy Radio. We were broadcasting Night Calls with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn live from the convention floor, and had booked Screech to talk with the girls on-air for a few minutes.

As I had him sign some paperwork, Screech was nice enough to take the above photo with me. Yay!

Oddly enough, Screech isn’t the only Saved By the Bell cast member I encountered while living in LA.

Slater (Mario Lopez) used to show up at the studio I worked at to produce and appear on various shows for SĂ­ TV, now known as NuvoTV.

And I met Mr. Belding – like many Angelenos – while karaoke’ing at Dimples. There’s a photo floating around somewhere, but I never got a copy of it, booo.

Anyway, what a nostalgic moment to see so many members of the cast together on TV last night! Go Bayside Tigers!

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